PMI Sponsored Research Program Grant - Applications for the 2020 funding cycle are now open. The submission form, available below, is open through 25 April 2019.

PMI Thesis Research Grant - Applications for the 2020 funding cycle are now open. The submission form, available below, is open through 15 May 2019.

More information on PMI grant programs is available at 

PMI Academic Awards calls for nominations are now closed. Submissions for the 2020 PMI Academic & Research Awards will open at the end of 2019. To learn more about PMI Academic Awards, visit

 We appreciate receiving any teaching resources that you have developed or used. It can be a simple classroom activity, a list of discussion questions, a class or individual assignment, or a bibliography for a case study. 

In the resource description tell us the course in which you have used it (e.g., introductory PM course or communications course) and how you have used it. Please do not upload any copyrighted material for which you do not hold the copyright. 

2020 Request for Proposals

The PMI Sponsored Research Program is pleased to announce its Request for Proposals (RFP) for 2020 research funding (up to US$50,000) on topics related to project, program, or portfolio management. 

We invite scholars from both within and outside the field of project management to submit research proposals whose themes and perspectives have direct application to project management knowledge or practice. 

For 2020, we will be giving special consideration to proposals that address the following areas:  

  • Key success factors in scaling agile in large corporations
  • Digital transformations and the role of project management offices
  • The future of work

We encourage thoughtful and innovative proposals on any topic, with the following exceptions. We do not accept submissions focused on mathematical/operations research topics with little or no direct application. This includes research whose rationale does not stem from real world issues or that does not include empirical testing on actual projects. 

Research proposals submitted for consideration must:

  1. Address the extent to which the outcomes of the project are “practitioner-ready.” The research needs to demonstrate the direct contribution to practice, not simply a discussion of implications.
  2. Have a theoretical framework which must be explicitly identified in the proposal. 

Methodology must be properly matched to the research question. Quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method approaches are given equal consideration, provided that the selected methodology produces the data to achieve the project aims and is sufficiently elaborated in the proposal. Single and multiple case studies will also be given consideration for funding. Please note that decisions for funding are solely based on the quality of the work.

1 February – 25 April                    Call for Preliminary Proposals

15 June                                           1st Round Notification

30 August                                       2nd Round Due

15 November                                  Final Decision

1 January                                         Project initiation

Preliminary proposals will be accepted between 1 February and 25 April 2019. 

Please view the full RFP and Proposal Submission Guidelines at for more information. 

Email with any questions.

Proposals must be submitted online between 1 April (12:01 a.m. Eastern time) and 15 May (11:59 p.m. Eastern time).


Part-time and full-time doctoral or master’s students attending an accredited college/university are eligible for PMI Thesis Research Grant funding. Candidates must provide the name of the college/university’s accrediting body in their application.

  • Independent consultants or consulting firms and other for-profit enterprises are ineligible.
  • Advanced researchers may be eligible to apply for the PMI Sponsored Research Program Grant. See for more information. 
  • Projects that have been awarded a PMI Sponsored Research Grant are ineligible to apply for a Thesis Research Grant, and vice versa.

Research must be completed within two years of receipt of the grant.

Proposed research must advance academic knowledge and have implications for practice.

Historical research and/or requests for retroactive funding will not be considered.

Projects that include a co-investigator are not eligible.

Funding Guidelines

The award is a fixed-price grant of up to US$25,000.

  • An initial payment of sixty percent (60%) of the total grant amount is distributed upon the execution of the research agreement and assignment of copyright.
  • A final payment of forty percent (40%) of the total grant amount is distributed upon delivery of the final report to PMI.

The Grant will be awarded to and administered by the college or university at which the student is enrolled. No grants are made directly to individuals. 

The grants/contract administrator cannot be the research advisor.

Grants are to support doctoral and master’s thesis research, including direct costs clearly identifiable with the specific project. 

Grant money may not be used for facilities and administrative costs.

Candidates must demonstrate that the PMI Thesis Research Grant is sufficient to complete the research, or that additional sources of funding exist to enable completion of the research.

Proposals are to be submitted by the master’s/doctoral student, and approved by the student’s thesis advisor/supervisor and the institution’s grant administrator or authorized official.

Proposal Content Guidelines

1. Abstract: A 300-word abstract is required within the online submission form.

2. Project Proposal (limit to 7 pages, uploaded as a document to the online submission system)

  • Research Question 
  • Specific Aims of Research Project and Significance of Study: Please include a statement on how the funding will enhance the proposed research in ways that may not have been possible otherwise and how that enhancement will influence the field of project, program, and/or portfolio management. Explain the importance of the topic to academics, practitioners and the researchers themselves. 
  • Literature Summary/Review
  • Research Design and Methodology
  • Analysis Plan/Evaluation
  • Schedule of Activities: Provide a timeframe and estimated completion date; timeframe should include preparation of final report.

3. Budget: The online application form includes a budget template for applicants to complete. Please see Funding Guidelines, above, regarding costs that are eligible and ineligible to be funded by a PMI Thesis Research Grant.

4. References

5. Curriculum Vitae for the student investigator

6. Curriculum Vitae (abbreviated) for the thesis supervisor/advisor

7. Letter of Approval from the Thesis Advisor/Supervisor must be submitted on university letterhead. This letter should describe the thesis advisor’s/supervisor’s role in the thesis project and the advisor’s/supervisor’s review and approval of the proposed doctoral research project, and state whether it is a freestanding project or part of a larger proposed or ongoing research investigation.

Format Guidelines

PMI adheres to the system of grammar, usage, and documentation outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Sixth Edition). Please refer to this source for specific formatting and style information.

The document header must include: the proposal title, the student investigator’s name, and the university/affiliation. For example, “Project Management and Virtual Communities, Bill Smith -George Washington University.”

Bold and underline all major sections of proposal (see Project Proposal, above).

Single-space, with one-inch margins on all sides of page. 

Use Times New Roman 11-point font.

Proposals that do not conform to the formatting guidelines will not be reviewed.

Proposal Submission

Only electronic submissions will be accepted via

Proposals can be submitted from 1 April at 12:01 a.m. Eastern through 15 May at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.

Review Process

The PMI Thesis Research Grant Program uses a two-stage review process. 

The preliminary round is reviewed by a global committee of academics and practitioners. Proposals that advance to the second round are reviewed by the PMI Academic Member Advisory Group

Proposals are reviewed based on a set of criteria that include:

  • The research question(s) and its significance to the field of project, program, and/or portfolio management
  • The methodological approach and its relevance to the research question

Award Notification

First-round decisions will be announced to applicants by 22 July.

Final funding decisions will be announced to applicants by 1 September.

The award notification will include the research agreement, a progress report template, transfer of copyright, and other applicable documentation. The notification will be sent to the grant administrator/authorized official from the university/institution, with a copy to the student investigator.

Note that parties to the agreement are PMI and the university/institution. No grants are made directly to individuals.

A template of the research agreement is available to grant administrators upon request.

Project funding will be administered following execution of the research agreement and other applicable documentation. 


1. Final report suitable for publication as a white paper, formatted according to the PMI Thesis Research Manuscript Guidelines (provided at the time essential research is completed). Note that PMI reserves the right to not publish the white paper.

2. Optional: 1-hour webinar, focused on the application of the research for a practitioner audience, delivered via 

Timeline (on right hand side of page)

1 April: Call for Proposals Opens (12:01 a.m. Eastern time)

15 May: Proposal Submission Deadline (11:59 p.m. Eastern time)

22 July: Round 1 Award Notifications

1 September: Round 2 (final) Award Notifications

1 January: Projects Initiated